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Annual Meeting of the Association
Saturday, 16 October 2004

President Geoff Koby convened the meeting at 1015.

Board members present: Claudia Angelelli, Geoff Koby, Jonathan Hine, and Brian Baer.

Members present: Peter Lindquist and Christian DeGueldre.

The president determined that a quorum of officers was present to conduct business.

The low attendance triggered these lessons learned for next year:

– To ensure that the meeting is on the ATA Program, the Secretary will formally propose the meeting as a session, so that it gets in the printed preliminary and final programs. The preparation of the abstract for the proposal will allow us to advertise the meeting, so that members and prospects alike will be aware of it.

– Geoff will post reminders on the list-serve, as we get closer to the meeting. This brought up the problem of members not being subscribed. The Secretary will send the membership list and e-mails to Doug Robinson, so he can subscribe those who did not.

Publications Working Group (PWG):

A lot of email has been exchanged this summer moving the publication forward. The call for the editor is out. PWG members are broadcasting it. Geoff has four submissions already and is sanitizing them for review by the PWG as an ad-hoc Editorial Board. We want to appoint the Editor by the end of November if possible. The goal is two issues each year. Self-publishing in print at first will be important for credibility and to enable libraries to stock it. The library issue is partly what makes electronic publishing unacceptable by itself.

We will finish the selection of a name after the Editor is on board. Currently we expect to recruit that individual by the end of November. Certainly all the pieces should be in place by March 2005.

Claudia asked how we get to a March date. Geoff clarified that we do not want to publish in March, but that by March we expect to be far enough along to be able to answer questions and forecast the actual publication date. Brian suggested that we aim at fall publication, as long as it is before the ATA Conference. Claudia asked about the self-publishing in the sense that she worried about a different press having its imprint on each issue. Claudia also conveyed the desire of John Benjamins to publish an annual theme issue. The PWG intends to stay with whichever imprint publishes the first issue (even if self-published) long enough to build a track record to show potential publishers who may be interested in the journal.

Claudia asked about the ATA offer to work with us on publication. Geoff offered to talk to the ATA Board if necessary to explain why we need a separate publication for academic credibility.

ATSA / Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS) cooperation:

At ATSA 2004, CATS President Clara Foz approached Geoff about a reciprocal cooperative agreement. Geoff signed it. ATSA and CATS will keep each other informed. Each group will provide one paid registration to the other group to send an officer to the ATSA or CATS Conference.

In response to a question from Claudia, Geoff said that we are not actively seeking such agreements with other groups. If we do, they will be at national and international levels. She asked about ATA. Geoff and Jonathan pointed out that an agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of some kind would be a good idea, and that after we incorporate, some formalization of our relationship will be necessary.

Membership Report:

Jonathan reported that we have 39 members, half of those who attended the 2004 Conference.

Those present discussed encouraging students to join. About one-third of the members are students.

ATSA 2006:

The Conference Committee consists of Claudia, Edwin Gentzler and Geoff.

San Diego options include motels that are convenient to reach (by freeways) or a single location with modest conference facilities. Those present favored the latter. They also would like to have fewer papers, so that we can avoid concurrent sessions in multiple rooms. UCSD cannot accommodate the group because facilities will be in use. Claudia will recruit people to review abstracts for the papers.

The Conference Committee will also look into approaching the presses for support in the form of exhibits (to recruit writers, not really to sell books) and to have them pick up some costs (coffee breaks, etc.). This was Peter's suggestion.

Christian will also give the Interagency Languages Roundtable (ILR) the call for papers as he works to set up the National Council on Languages conference in Washington in November.

Peter brought up the Modern Languages Association (MLA), and those present agreed that we should have a relationship. Peter also suggested that we prepare an article later to include in the MLA journal announcing our existence and what we are doing.

We will also do informative articles for the ATA Chronicle. The Board will recruit writers for those articles after we have some history.

Name of the Association:

Geoff distributed the paragraph by Claudia and read the exchange of messages from the ATSA-L list-serve. The discussion seemed to coalesce on several points:

- There is value in being so new to the field, because the importance of the oral work was not so obvious when FIT and the other groups were formed.

- We should have T&I together in the name, not separated by anything else, except maybe an ampersand.

- We need to take the discussion from this meeting onto the list-serve. In spite of the noise on the list-serve, only the 39 paid members get to vote and own the name, so we need to ensure that they can vote after the discussion runs for a while. Jonathan and Doug will ensure that all 39 members are on it, before the Board begins the discussion.

Brian pointed out how uncomfortable and sloppy the e-mail election was. Geoff suggested holding the voting this time using a PDF file attached to email, which MUST be printed, voted and posted by snail-mail.

Claudia led a discussion leading to a consensus that the Board will choose the name and recommend the new name to the membership. The Board will vote to include "interpreting" in the name by the simple act of providing it in the name.

The ballot will convey the Board's recommendation of a new name and offer the choice of including interpreting in the name or not.

Geoff will remind ATSA-L readers that only paid-up members can vote. Every member has a number. Any ATSA-L list-server reader who does not know that number is probably not a member of ATSA. That person needs to download a membership form from the ATSA Website and send it in to Jonathan (ATSA, PO Box 4623, Charlottesville VA 22905-4623 USA).

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1145.

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan T. Hine Jr.