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Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Team on 8 November 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia

President Geoff Koby convened the meeting at 5:20 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Vice-president Douglas Robinson and Secretary-Treasurer Jonathan Hine were present.

The team reviewed the minutes of the ATSA conference from March 2002 and determined the status of action items from the conference:

1.      Geoff Koby reported that he has posted the minutes of the Conference on the new ATSA website (

2.      Elections for the remaining Executive Committee. Geoff Koby will call for nominations no later than 1 December 2002. The message will invite all subscribers of ATSA-L to submit nominations with a short biographical note to a special e-mail address on, that he will set up. He will contact each nominee to ensure that they accept the nomination before publishing the list of nominees on a page linked to the ATSA homepage. Elections will be by e-mail, with instructions to be posted to the ATSA-L list-serve to send the ballots to the election address. The deadline for voting will be 1 February, with results to be posted on ATSA-L by 15 February 2003.

3.      Annual Business Meeting. Whichever form or state we use to incorporate the Association, we will need an annual business meeting (ABM). Doug Robinson will submit a Proposal Form to the ATA for a session at the ATA Conference in Phoenix AZ. The purpose of the session will be to gather ATSA for its ABM, in accordance with the plan in the minutes of the Constituting Conference. He will list the Executive Team as the Co-presenters, and amend the proposal form after the Election to add the rest of the new Executive Committee.

4.      Journal. Jonathan Hine reported on the progress towards setting up a journal. The Publications Working Group has a short list of ten presses, including John Benjamins, which approached us at the ATA Conference in Atlanta. The PWG members who were in Atlanta favored setting up the Journal, recruiting a press and inviting articles before calling an editor. The rationale is that the editor will have enough to do without trying to create the physical publication. As soon as we have an idea of the production costs of the journal, we can assemble a budget and recommend a dues structure.

5.      Dues. The Executive Team reiterated the three-tiered dues structure that was articulated at the Constituting Conference: one level of individual dues, which includes the journal; a price for an individual subscription to the journal without membership; and finally, institutional subscriptions. The biennial conference is expected to be self-supporting, plus 10% for prudence.

There being no further business to discuss, the team members made note of their individual action items and the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

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