Scientific Committee

The ATISA Conference Scientific Committee

Committee charge:

The ATISA Scientific Committee (hereinafter the Committee) is responsible for the conference program. The Committee acts independently from the Conference Organizing Committee. For every ATISA conference the Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  • Decide on conference theme (in consultation with the Board)
  • Decide and invite keynote speaker
  • Send the call for proposals and the criteria to members
  • Set timeline for program design and deadlines
  • Log proposals and match them with areas of expertise of qualified reviewers
  • Route proposals to qualified reviewers
  • Facilitate the review process to guarantee the fairness of blind reviews
  • Follow-up with proposals that need a third reviewer
  • Maintain the list of accepted/rejected papers and notify authors
  • Follow-up with authors for confirmation of presentations and attendance
  • Design the conference program
  • Circulate the preliminary program among Board members and Conference Organizer
  • Obtain feedback on the preliminary program from the Board and the Conference Organizer
  • Make adjustments to format of preliminary program
  • Send final program to conference organizer and to webmaster for posting

In addition to duties related to the ATISA conference the Committee shall periodically update a list of qualified abstract readers and revise the criteria for reviewing proposals.

Committee Members: eligibility and terms of service

2020 Committee Members:

  • Michelle Woods (Chair)
  • Federico Federici
  • Rebecca Tipton
  • David Gramling
  • Corine Tachtiris
  • Alexandra Lopez
  • Heather Cleary
  • Erik Angelone


  • Proven record of research and publications in the field of Translation and Interpreting Studies
  • Proven record of presentations at ATISA and other scientific meetings
  • Members of ATISA in good standing

Terms of service:

  • Committee members shall serve for an initial term of four years (2 conference cycles).
  • Terms are renewable